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Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the new way of making an receiving telephone and video calls over the Internet compared to using traditional phone lines.

 At Elite IT, our VOIP telephones and systems offer future-proof communication solutions with many advanced features at a significantly lower cost than traditional phone systems. We use industry-leading software from 3CX to provide advanced VoIP setups and systems whether they are provided and managed on the spot or entirely cloud-hosted. We cover all aspects of VoIP telephone systems, including hardware, connectivity, installation, training and ongoing support. 

VOIP phones UK

Our VOIP solutions are all flexible and scalable and can serve organizations from 2 users to 500 users without a difference in features equally well. They also provide the ability for telephone and video conference functionality as standard. 

By eliminating fixed telephone lines and substituting them with cheaper SIP trunks, companies shifting to VOIP phone systems can anticipate saving as much as 40% as well as significantly dropping call costs compared to outdated telecoms. 

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VOIP providers UK

Our VOIP phone software can be tailored to your exact requirements and allow you to access your telephone system and make calls from your mobile phone with the dedicated 3CX app or through your IT Support with a headset. This can successfully eliminate the requirement for a desk phone overall and assist with flexibility. Should your organization still choose desk phones, Elite IT can provide phone hardware at a variety of price points. Otherwise, leasing options are also accessible to help spread the opening cost of shifting to a VoIP telephone system.

 In 2025, there will be deliberate change to phone technology as BT will turn out all ISDN and PTSN phone lines. This will source all traditional phone systems to become outdated and obsolete. Consequently, all companies will demand to transition to VOIP or other phone solutions by the time. In preparation for the 2025 shut-off, BT intended to halt vending new lines in 2020. This will make the extension of current phone systems impossible. Companies will be trapped with their existing phone capacity. Therefore, migrating to VOIP telephones will make your phone system future-proof.