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Network Security

Network security is a vital measure of your inclusive cyber security UK and guarantees that your business continues to operate successfully and securely. As of May 2018, this is also a central obligation of GDPR regulations.

Elite IT implement security and control layers that protect each point of a network. We offer a variety of solutions by utilising field-proven software security solutions and IT hardware from suppliers such as Cisco, Dray Tek, Crowd strike, and Sophos, ranging from firewalls to anti-ransomware to next-generation endpoint protection.

With constantly increasing IT Support risks and heightening compliance requirements, businesses today must operate in a way that their networks are protected. Elite IT has over decades of combined experience in delivering IT, data and network security services and consultancy. Always on top of the modern developments, our cyber security UK team of will keep your business secure from the dynamic threat landscape.

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PC Protection

We offer server and security companies in London to monitoring and detect and eliminate threats before they have a chance to cause big problems for your systems. We always provide the option of tailoring our offerings to your requests, budget, resources and the profile of your company. Should your company fit into a high-risk industry (oil and gas, financial service, defense, telecoms, etc.) we can ensure that we recommend the most appropriate security measures complete with regular testing to ensure compliance.

On top of our server and PC protection, we also provide mobile device management solutions to protect your mobile devices and all the data they contain. This offers you all the security and protection you necessitate for an endpoint which is normally lost or stolen. We have dedicated solutions for iOS only devices as well as different solutions for a combination of mobile devices.

Elite IT can also assist with an email filtering solution that can remove threats and increase the relevancy and reliability of your emails. Email filtering can be set at several levels of security and can contain trigger words to block common spam terminology as well as other useful configuration settings to help tighten cyber security UK.